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Make sex into an activity that’s enjoyable and exciting! Dull and boring sex will be a part of the past when you grab this Heart Jewel Stainless Steel Anal Massage Plug in all your solo sessions or your action packed moments you spend with a partner. It is made to be inserted smoothly without creating discomfort in both the vaginal & rectum area. The surface is really easy to clean, so you’ll be sure that it will be safe sex filled with satisfaction and fun constantly!

  • Item Type: Anal Sex Toys
  • Length: 70 mm or 2.75 inches
  • Plug Diameter: 28 mm or 1.10 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Synthetic Gems
  • Plug Color: Silver
  • Gem Color:┬áred, black, transparent, yellow, dark pink, light pink, dark purple, light purple, dark blue, light blue, gold
  • Package Type: Discreetly packaged to protect every costumer’s privacy

Created out of high-quality stainless steel that’s complimented at the base by gems in a heart shape that comes in 11 different color choices, you will be able to satisfy your partner with it each time! HURRY AND GRAB ONE OF THIS TODAY OR PURCHASE ALL THE COLORS TO CREATE A NEW COLLECTION OF IT. DO IT NOW BEFORE THE 45% OFF SALE IS OVER!

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