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Christmas is getting nearer so you need to prepare for chilly, intimate nights for the winter season. Make each Christmas bedtime session more exciting by buying this holiday-themed toy. This Christmas Candy Cane Pyrex Glass Anal Hook is created to offer pure pleasure each time it gets inserted into the vaginal or anal area. The smooth surface will slide in well even if you use natural lubrication and you will make your special someone want  more!

Item Type: Anal Sex Toy
Length: 18 cm or 7 inches
Diameter: 2.2 cm or 0.86 inches
Material: Pyrex Glass
Weight: 290g
Suitable For: Men, Women, LGBT, Etc.
Package Type: Discreet packaging to protect customer’s security and privacy

Enjoy this holiday season and your intimate sessions spent with your significant other by bringing this into your routine! GET IT TODAY WHILE STOCKS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE AND WHILE OUR LIMITED-TIME SALE IS HAPPENING!

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